PEAK Sourcing - About

Incorporated in June 2012, with a team of experienced professionals, PEAK is mainly operating on European and USA market.

Power of our management and development teams comes from our different and complimentary expertises acquired while previously working at large IT companies and enterprises.

PEAK accelerates the success of entrepreneurs and companies with a skilled team of specialists delivering company&product building services including strategy, engineering, operational scaling, recruiting, business development, product delivery, and product marketing. With more than 10 years of experience in Software engineering, Application development, eCommerce and Media we are providing technology excellence.

PEAK delivers – regardless the project size, we offer robust and sophisticated "out of the box" or custom built platforms. From industrial, corporate, NGO to scientific soulutions, our strong portfolio includes web and mobile systems, data acquisition and analysis, instrument control, industrial and manufacturing applications, and more.

We see ourselves as the "Entrepreneurs Behind the Entrepreneurs":

  • We are passionate about our work, commitment and focus on result and goals.
  • Mutual trust and definite agreements are the basis for a lasting partnership which we incorporate in every project and each step of business process.
  • We value teamwork over showmanship.
  • Whatever are the complexity levels of your needs, we perfectly adapt to your project from the very first moment.
  • Teams and the gradual improvement of teams are the secret to long-term success.
  • Finally, it’s really all about trust and same vision. So let's get in touch and speak! Discover the value PEAK brings to the table.

PEAK has offices in Brussels, Belgium and Belgrade, Serbia.



Our technical leads and core teams have proven portfolio of successful projects behind, including solving some of the toughest domain related challenges.



We are a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals who help technology companies find new markets, launch new applications, solve current challenges and target new audiences for their products.



Our vision is based on our past expertise, successful stories, constant research and improvement. Putting solutions in focus brings visions came true.